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Claudine Barretto Thanks Mom Inday In An Open Letter

There is another open letter from the Barretto’s. This time, it came from Claudine Barretto, the youngest of the popular Barretto sisters, who have been in the limelight lately for figuring in an ugly and well publicized family feud. Claudine was telling how she appreciates the efforts made by her mom Inday to defend her against all her bashers and haters, which included her own sisters Marjorie and Gretchen.

Claudine’s letter was dated May 8 and was coursed through Summit Publishing’s Jo-Ann Maglipon. The entire letter appears in the June 2013 issue of the monthly showbiz magazine Yes! In that emotional letter, Claudine openly appreciated how her mom has always been there for her through the ups and downs in her life.

In the same letter, Claudine said if she would be given a chance to choose another life, she would still opt to have Inday as her mom. With this, the beleaguered actress apologized to her mother for hurting her feelings for numerous times. She revealed that her mom has been her friend who consoled her whenever she is scared and hurt.

Apologetic Claudine

He cited both her parents for giving her a ‘great childhood.’ In the same line, she again apologized to her parents because she brought about many hurts to them. By the end of the letter, Claudine made a promise to live up to her commitment of making both her parents even prouder of her.

Claudine was the target of attacks by her sisters Gretchen and Marjorie in April. The two Barrettos accused the younger Barretto of bashing them online, particularly Julia, Marjorie’s daughter who has just entered show business via the latest batch of Star Circle. Gretchen was alleging Claudine of threatening to block Julia’s entry into ABS-CBN by ruining her in public.

This prompted Inday to publish an open letter addressed to Gretchen in April. In that letter, she defended Claudine against Gretchen, whom she called as an evil and manipulative person. She went on to demean her older daughter by calling her an ‘ST Queen’ during the 1980s. By the end of that letter, Inday gave an impression that she was letting go or disowning the 43-year-old Gretchen as her daughter just to protect Claudine.

Series of letters

From then on, several other Barrettos issued public letters to accuse each other. Other siblings like Jay-Jay and Gia published their own letters to discredit and back Inday’s claims, respectively. This created a controversy that made the public talk about the Barretto’s more. In a TV interview, Marjorie even described the controversy as an incident that has reduced their family name into a joke.

In the middle of the public spat, many wounds were again opened and many personal secrets were revealed. Among those were the fact that Raymart Santiago has already left Claudine and the financial issues that have been hounding the Berretto family for many years now. A question was also raised about the breadwinner of the family all these years. Marjorie thinks that this feud would still be far from over.

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Claudine Barretto Thanks Mom Inday in an Open Letter

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