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Vice Ganda Uses Jessica Soho As Laughing Stock, Again

To Vice Ganda, what doesn’t kill him only makes him stronger. This was his message when interviewed by some media people after he apologized on national television to respected and veteran broadcast journalist Jessica Soho. Vice Ganda said he could not believe he was able to overcome the controversy, which he thought could possibly ‘destroy’ him.

But the controversial standup comedian is at his usual elements once more. This was exhibited during his TV show ‘Gandand Gabi Vice,’ which is celebrating its 2nd year anniversary. In the recent telecast of the show last June 2, some people were surprised that he again made fun of Soho. He did not mention the latter’s name, but it was clear in one of the segments of the show that he was referring to Soho.

In that interesting segment, the gay comedian interviewed celebrity buddies Gerald Anderson and Rayver Cruz. When the host asked the two guests to dance for him, he thought it would be more fun to get three female participants from the audience to dance with the duo. Vice Ganda described the first chosen participant as the female version of Korean comedian Ryan Bang.

Chubby woman

The second participant he chose from the audience was a chubby woman. It was clear that she has some features that are identical to Soho’s, aside from the weight. This prompted Vice Ganda to make fun of the situation.

Upon seeing that female participant, Vice Ganda immediately said he thought he knew that lady. He said it seems that he recently talked to the woman. Everyone in the audience thought it was a hilarious joke and so the camera flashed some of the audience laughing heartily, including the two male guests. That time, the comedian suddenly became defensive and said he did not mention any name.

Vice Ganda proceeded to insult that female participant, which lasted for several more minutes. Ironically, the gay comedian seemed to be bent on focusing on her obviously excessive body weight. He then proceeded to choose the third woman-participant.

This incident is taken by some people as evidence to their allegations that Vice Ganda was not really sincere when he apologized to Soho on his show ‘It’s Showtime.’ By the end of that long apology, Vice Ganda promised that he would never again use Soho as part of any material in his future performances.

Getting overboard

Did the gay comedian break his promise? Why too soon? It has just been days since his apology. And because the show was taped, it must have been just a few hours after his noontime public apology. To date, many celebrities are criticizing Vice Ganda for crossing the borders.

Even his mentor and former boss Andrew ‘Mamu’ de Real of The Library thought his protégé had gone overboard. When asked about his take about the issue, de Real simply said standup comedians are not supposed to be that rude. Some people think Vice Ganda is becoming swell-headed amid his popularity. Others simply think he is the ‘new Rossana Roces’ or the ‘next Willie Revillame of ABS-CBN.’

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Vice Ganda Uses Jessica Soho as Laughing Stock, Again

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