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Ai Ai Delas Alas Hires 4 Bodyguards; Denies They Are From PSG

Ai Ai delas Alas has hired not one, not two, but four bodyguards. The Comedy Concert Queen revealed that she now feels safer because her hired security personnel are always with her wherever she goes. This measure is still in line with her recent breakup with husband Jed Salang. Delas Alas is accusing her estranged husband of physically abusing her.

In the past several days, news came out that delas Alas has asked the court for a temporary protection order against Salang. Thus, Salang would not be allowed to go near her, or at least within her 100-meter radius. Delas Alas has also reportedly sought the same protection order to protect her children from Salang.

She was was recently spotted in Zirkoh (comedy bar). When cornered by some showbiz reporters, the comedy actress disclosed that she was there to accompany her son Sancho, who was there to watch a performance of Mocha Girls. Delas Alas also immediately warned the press to refrain from asking her about Salang because a temporary restraining order is in place. But she appeared happy and peaceful that night.

Candy Crush

After her painful ordeal, delas Alas revealed that she has become addicted to Candy Crush, the new game application for social media networking users. She is thankful because the game helps relieve her stress especially after her traumatic marital experience.

Delas Alas even revealed that she is now in Level 65 in that game and that she finds difficulty moving on from that level. She also buys credits for extra life. In her typical jest, she complained that she now lacks sleep because she is so hooked into playing this game.

PSG guards

Showbiz reporters asked about delas Alas’ hired security personnel. According to some showbiz gossips, she was given security from the Presidential Security Group (PSG) through her ‘friendship’ Kris Aquino, who we know is the current presidential sister. According to rumors, Aquino immediately gave delas Alas PSG escorts after news broke out about her (delas Alas) failed marriage.

Delas Alas immediately dismissed that rumor. She denied that her security personnel are from PSG. She disclosed that her bodyguards are professional security personnel from an agency. She even revealed that she has hired those personnel to guard her for six months.

Losing weight

It seems that delas Alas is also guarding her weight. Unlike most celebrities who have problems because of their excessive weight, delas Alas seems to be bothered that she has lost some pounds. She said she has been losing her appetite whenever she recalls her experience.

But the comedienne is hoping that she would regain her lost weight once she gets a much needed vacation. Delas Alas is set to do a series of shows abroad for ‘The Filipino Channel.’ She would first go to New York for that tour. She hopes she would regain her appetite and her normal physique when she gets there.

There are speculations that she would also drop by Las Vegas in Nevada when she goes for a US tour. She is reportedly filing formal documents to initiate her divorce process.

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Ai Ai delas Alas Hires 4 Bodyguards; Denies They are from PSG

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