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Elmo Magalona And Janine Gutierrez Pair Up For Remake Of "Villa Quintana"

"Villa Quintana" was phenomenal when it was shown back in the mid 1990s. The original starred Keempee de Leon and Donna Cruz. For the remake of the said story, Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez will be breathing life to the characters of Isagani and Lynette.

Their first team-up is said to be anticipated by the fans of the original series. It is also said to be the most anticipated series this year.

The sweet and young love of Isagani and Lynette will surely captivate the hearts of the audience as they fight for what they feel.

In the story, Isagani is the lovechild of Robert and Lumeng. He will grow up knowing that his father was Felix, a simple farmer. On the other hand, Don Manolo will mistakenly think Lynette was Robert's and Lumeng's child. She grew up in a comfortable life.

However, the two will eventually fall in love, wrecking havoc in the lives of those who are around them.

Aside from the love story of Isagani and Lynette, "Villa Quintana" will also feature the love triangle among the characters of Raymart Santiago, Sunshine Dizon and Paolo Contis.

Raymart is Felix Samonte, the simple farmer who married Lumeng (Sunshine), so she won't be ridiculed by the community when she got pregnant by Robert Quintana (Paolo). Felix was the one recognized by Isagani as his father.

He is kind and understanding, but also stands up for the people he loves the most. Robert, on the other hand, is the only son of Don Manolo. He wasn't able to stand up for Lumeng because his father was against their love.

Lumeng, the mother of Isagani, first fell in love with Robert. However, she will eventually marry Felix. Lumeng is known to be a smart and fearless woman with strong beliefs. She has a positive outlook on life despite the challenges she's facing.

"Villa Quintana" is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet love story. Lumeng will frown upon Isagani's love for Lynette since the Quintanas treated her badly when she fell in love with Robert. Isagani, however, will continue to fight for Lynette despite his mother's objections.

Lynette will be promised to another man from a prominent family. But being an independent young woman, Lynette is adamant she will be the one to decide on her life.

However, things will change when Lumeng discovers something about the Quintanas--something from the past that will change the present.

"Villa Quintana" is directed by Gina Alajar. Aside from the abovementioned stars, it will also highlight the performances of Roy Alvarez as Don Manolo Quintana, Maricar de Mesa as Stella, Tanya Garcia as Amparing, Kyla as Ruby, Marky Lopez as Chito, Juancho Trivino as Jason and Rita de Guzman as Patrice.

"Villa Quintana" will premiere on November 4 on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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Elmo Magalona And Janine Gutierrez Pair Up For Remake Of

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