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"Biggest Loser Doubles" Will Reveal Final Four On April 24 (Thursday)

There will be a weigh-in this Thursday (April 24) to see who among the five remaining contestants of "The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles" will clinch the Final Four slots in the upcoming finale.

The remaining contestants are Kayen, Carl, Osie, Francis, and Bryan. The one who will lose the highest weight percentage will be declared the second Pinoy Biggest Loser on Saturday (April 26).

The last challenge for the five was to hike Mt. Pinatubo. On their way to the crater, the program asked them to bring bags that carried the total weight they lost during the show.

There were 11 stations along the trail. Each of the contestants was asked to deduct a sandbag from the bag they were carrying. The sandbag represented the weight they lost during each weigh-in.

Carl said: "This is a great symbolism. You’re hiking up the mountain, but your weight is dragging you down."

His wife, Kayen, wanted to be a part of the Final Four because it will serve as a fitting conclusion to their journey.

Francis, on the other hand, had to assist Mommy Osie on the way up. He helped Mommy Osie because there were also times during the camp that "we pulled each other up."

Mommy Osie said a new life is waiting for her after the camp. Her weight, she said, has been a "curse" to her.

Bryan was the one who won the challenge by recording the fastest time to get to the crater. He hiked alone since his sister, Ikya, was eliminated. He said that he already proved himself to everyone even if he does not win the show.

"The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles" will air on Thursday (April 24) for the announcement of the Final Four. The coronation will be on Saturday (April 26).

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