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Raymond Gutierrez Promises Revelation In "Gutz" Season 2

Since his twin brother Richard Gutierrez was the one who revealed having a baby with actress Sarah Lahbati in Season 1 of "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez," Raymond Gutierrez promised that this Season 2, he will be the one to shock the public with his big revelation.

He did not give any hints, though, as to what this revelation may be. Richard revealed his baby, Zion, during the premiere of Season 1.

"Gutz" Season 2 will begin airing on October 5 on E!. It airs every Sunday. The reality show follows the story of the Gutierrez family--Eddie, Annabelle Rama, Richard, Raymond, Elvis, Ruffa and her kids, and Sarah.

When asked what is the newest revelation in this season, Annabelle said there won't be any need for explosive revelations because what's important is that the people follow their relationships, and that something exciting happens in their lives every day.

She is thankful that a lot of people supported their first season, so they will surely look forward to what the second season has in store for them.

Annabelle said that the Season 2 of their show is definitely more exciting than the first season, though she did not reveal any details.

In one of the video teasers, Eddie was seen teasing Annabelle for having an old mobile phone and for her incomprehensive handwriting.

Annabelle said there are more candid moments like that in their second season. She doesn't mind being the subject of jokes because she has always been very open about her life.

NBC Universal Vice-President for Channels in Asia Pacific, Scott Mackenzie, said that the relationship between the Gutierrezes is what makes the show interesting. It's a human and a family drama, he added.

"Looking at the relationship between the people here, I think that’s the secret to the success of the show, not only in the Philippines but also in the other market even if they don’t know them."

Their relationship was relatable, so that's why the family storyline works.

The second season of "It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez" will be directed by famed Australian director, Karren Appathurai Wiggins, who is known for her works in the international franchises of reality shows.

Karren said in the second season, she wants to address the issues that hound each member of the family. People want to know if Richard is ready to take the next step with Sarah, if Ruffa will remain optimistic about finding love, and if Raymond will reveal something about his relationships.

Hopefully, these questions will be answered. There will surely be surprises for the viewers, she added.

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Raymond Gutierrez Promises Revelation In

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