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VIDEO: Jericho Rosales' "Red" Trailer

Jericho Rosales stars in the Cinema One Originals 2014 entry by Jay Abello entitled, "Red." It also stars Mercedes Cabral, Nico Antonio, Mylene Dizon and JM Rodriguez.

Red (Jericho) is a shy orphan who grew up in a girly bar. He is known as the town's "fixer," although he will get himself in trouble he won't be able to "fix."

Red will be hired by Art, a rich socialite, to fix the mess created when a rich kid was gunned down in a drug bust gone wrong. Unknown to Red, Art will frame him for the crime.

Everyone knows who the real culprit is, but Red makes a good fall guy. Red the "fixer" will go against the son of the province's most influential politician.

In the end, Red will be able to escape the rotten system of society and he will put everyone in their place--Art in a hospital bed. Red, however, will not be able to live long as he is killed in a Mexican standoff.

"Red" is based loosely on real people and real events. The story apparently happened in Negros.

Check out the trailer for "Red" below:

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VIDEO: Jericho Rosales'

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