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GMA-7 Says ‘Bubble Gang’ Should Not Be Used To Divert Public Attention From Rape Joke Issue

GMA Network has released a public statement to defend its gag show ‘Bubble Gang’ against bashers. The effort is logically to clarify issues that accuse the show of also airing rape jokes. The network is urging several parties to stop using the top-rating comedy show to divert public attention from the recent controversy regarding the distasteful use of rape issues as a material for a standup comedy stint.

The network issued its official statement through Corporate Communications Head and Consultant to the Chairman and CEO Butch Raquel. It started through stating that the network aims to clarify the involvement of ‘Bubble Gang’ in the controversy.

In the last few days, some bashers have been using the social media to involve the show in the rape joke issue. Some netizens even posted video clips that they claim as proofs that the show has also been involved in making distasteful jokes about the painful ordeal.

GMA-7 emphasizes that ‘Bubble Gang’ has stopped making jokes involving rape many years ago. It revealed that in an episode of the show that depicted rape scenes, a concerned viewer immediately called the network’s attention. GMA-7 said it abruptly informed the show’s production team about the matter.

In the statement, it was also disclosed that the ‘Bubble Gang’ team apologized to the concerned TV viewer right away. Since then, the show made it part of its policies not to tackle that topic in any of its episodes again. So far, the show is sticking to that commitment.

Raquel reiterated that ‘Bubble Gang’ has been among the award-winning and top-rating entertainment programs of the station. It has been airing for more than 18 years now. It is starred by Ogie Alcasid and Michael V, who are also part of the show’s creative team.

GMA-7 appeals to several parties to cease using ‘Bubble Gang’ to strategically divert the public’s attention specifically from the rape joke controversy. The network asserts that ‘Bubble Gang’ would never make irresponsible jokes out of such a serious subject.

The rape joke controversy became intense earlier this week when several GMA-7 radio anchors, TV reporters, and followers publicly criticized Vice Ganda for making Jessica Soho and her physical weight the subject of his ridicule. In his May 17 concert at the Araneta Coliseum, Vice Ganda staged a material wherein he envisioned ‘funny’ images if Soho decided to be a ‘bold star.’ He said the credible news anchor should figure in a gang rape scene.

In May 29, Vice Ganda used his daily noontime show to publicly apologize to Soho. He made a promise never to mention her again in any of his future performances. The gay comedian even narrated to his audience a portion of the short telephone conversation that happened between him and Soho earlier that day.

In the afternoon of the same day, Soho ‘acknowledged’ the apology but never stated if she accepted it. She has always emphasized that the issue should not be about her but about ‘rape,’ which should never be used by anyone as a material for a comedy skit because doing so would be insensitive to the feelings of numerous rape victims.

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GMA-7 Says ‘Bubble Gang’ Should Not be Used to Divert Public Attention from Rape Joke Issue

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