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Johnny Depp ‘on Great Terms’ With Former Girlfriend, Talks About Horse Riding Accident While Filming ‘the Lone Ranger’

Johnny Depp has a great relationship with his past girlfriend, Vanessa Paridis, who is the mother of his two children.

The Hollywood A-lister said, “We’re on great terms,” when recently asked by the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Ruben Napales in an interview in the U.S. where he also discussed falling off of and being trampled on by a horse in an accident while filming his latest movie.

“There’s nothing weird, nothing strange. It’s very normal. We’ve all been through it. She’s a great mommy and a great woman,” Depp added.

Furthermore, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said that he can see himself making a movie with Paridis and not feel awkward about it at all, something he may not have felt in the previous years.

“I wouldn’t see any weirdness at all in making a film with Vanessa now—whereas prior to, I might have. It might have felt weird,” he said.

Depp, who is launching a new movie made with Disney titled “The Lone Ranger”, added that, “I think if you love, you have to love beyond what you think is love or what you’ve experienced love to be. When, let’s say, the s**t hits the fan, keep loving.”

“I know it sounds like some sort of a Hallmark card but I don’t mean it to. You cannot abandon ship. You got a couple of kids. You got a woman who’s been good to you. Keep loving, no matter what,” he said.

Meanwhile, the actor who plays the role of Tonto, the sidekick to the lead role in the upcoming Lone Ranger movie, also discussed his 50th birthday.

According to Depp, his latest birthday was just normal.

“We kept the birthday celebration very simple,” he said. “I spent it with my kids. We went to dinner. To me, the whole idea of celebrating one’s birthday is just a bit like clinging to some sort of vanity, something that I’d rather not cling to. So hitting 50 was like hitting 40 or 30. It’s one of those. I’ve had a decade. Cool.”

It also appears that the actor is still not feeling he is getting old as he jokingly remarked, “I didn’t suddenly wake up and go, ‘God, my back is just killing me.’”

Depp also discussed what he considers to have been his “midlife crisis” years with Napales.

“It happened at 20. I don’t think we have a long enough piece of paper to name the things that I inflicted upon myself during my midlife crisis at 19, 20,” he said.

“At the time, it was called self-medicating. At that point, it was like, all those philosophical questions slam you in the face. What is life? What am I here for? What am I to do? Does anything matter? I chose to, let’s say, ‘soften’ the process back then,” he added.

“I think that was my midlife crisis. I don’t have any great energetic spark that’s going to make me buy a multicolored Maserati or a Ferrari or something like that. No, I’m quite comfortable in my old truck,” he explained.

Depp also said in the interview that up until now, he identifies more with the outcast characteristics of the roles he has played and that he does not feel he completely fits any predefined niche in society.

“I always felt like an outcast—virtually from birth. I always did. I never felt like I fit in anywhere particularly. I certainly wasn’t a jock. Prior to dropping out of high school, I was never part of any clique. It’s like the through line of the characters I’ve played,” he said.

“There’s definitely a correlation [among] these people. They’re outsiders in some way. And I still feel it,” he added.

Furthermore, Depp finds it surreal to ever be called sexy.

“Never in my life have I ever thought of myself attached to the word, which I’m [also] unable to say. Yes, indeed. That, to me, is a ridiculous notion. I mean, it’s very strange,” he said.

Depp also discussed what it was like falling off a horse and then being trampled on by it during the filming of The Lone Ranger.

“It was not like, in slow motion, but not as fast as [it was actually] happening at the time. “I was able to recognize and understand things that were potentially unpleasant. The horse flipped me. I went to the side. I had a hold of his mane. All I saw were the striations of this animal’s incredible muscles. I actually had time to think, ‘Wow, what a beautiful thing!’ The next thought was hooves… It happened at a normal speed. There was no fear,” he said.

“Then it was done. I just decided I better let go. Boom, I hit the deck and very luckily, amazingly, I was able to stand and continue to breathe. It could have been weird. I think the horse actually saved my life; I truly do. He went out of his way to not make impact. I had the hoof of his left back leg. He got me across the ribs, which hurt for a bit. I consider myself lucky,” he continued.

Apart from this accident, Napales also asked Depp about his latest look for the film which has Depp’s face covered in black and white makeup.

“Well, don’t we all play with makeup at home? Should we just admit it? We all do—boys and girls,” he said, joking.

Apparently, his kids are already used to their father and his eccentric looks for his movies.

“They’re so used to it by now—seeing me play these really strange beings. “

Nonetheless, his kids did find Tonto and his looks weird.

“They did say, ‘Wow, that’s really weird!’” Depp said.

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Johnny Depp ‘on Great Terms’ With Former Girlfriend, Talks About Horse Riding Accident While Filming ‘the Lone Ranger’

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