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Charice Remembers Moment When Cory Montieth ‘Became Family’

In an exclusive article penned for CNN, Charice writes about the moment when late Hollywood star Cory Montieth “became family” to her.

Montieth was found lifeless in a hotel room in Vancouver in his native Canada on July 13. An investigation probing for the cause of his death later revealed the actor who has had a long battle with substance abuse died because of a combination of alcohol and heroin.

In her article, Charice paints a picture of Montieth beyond the facts surrounding his death and casts him as a warm fellow who cheered her up at a time the Filipina singer felt lonely in America.

“Friendship is not defined by the length of time two people share together. One defining moment is all it takes for two individuals to call each other friends,” Charice wrote saying that the Montieth, who played Finn in the popular American series Glee where Charice also briefly starred in, taught her that.

That “defining moment”, Charice said, “happened the third time I joined the cast of ‘Glee’ for yet another memorable shooting experience as Sunshine Corazon.”

The singer, who was once described by Oprah Winfrey as the most talented girl in the world, says that she last shot for “Glee” on May 9, 2011. Her birthday is May 10.

“I was a tad emotional when the clock struck 12 midnight -- not because I was tired -- but because May 10 was my birthday. And I, a girl from the barrio of Gulod in the far-flung Philippines, was alone in America,” Charice wrote.

“My family was not there, my friends were not there, I didn't have my loved ones there to celebrate my birthday. It didn't help that we all still had a long way to go on that day at the set of ‘Glee’,” she added.

“But Cory came to the rescue, just in time, with his sweet greeting: ‘Happy birthday, Charice!’ A big smile crossed his handsome face. There was sincerity in his tone as he gave me a tight hug. He became family to me at that moment,” Charice continued.

According to the singer, who recently came out as a lesbian, Montieth told her later that he had googled Charice and found out her birthday is May 10. Montieth also told other members of “Glee” that it was Charice’s birthday and they also greeted her.

Saying her body “felt cold when I learned about his death” and that it was “Too soon, too early, too young,” Charice said that she “never thanked Cory enough for that one moment in time when he made me feel like family.”

“I never thanked him enough for making me happy on that lonely day,” she wrote.

Charice went on to say how Montieth has a lot of fans in the Philippines as people appreciate shows like “Glee” owing to Filipinos being “musically-inclined”.

“We know how to love real talent,” Charice said.

She also revealed that a lot of Filipino friends have been asking her what will become of “Glee” now that Montieth has passed away. She answers that she does not know but tells people to pray for Montieth.

Charice also has a message to Montieth’s fans.

She wrote: “To his fans around the world who mourn his passing, I am with you. I know how it feels. Let's hold each other's hand. Let's remember Cory and continue to celebrate his music, his craft, his life. He will forever be in our hearts.”

The singer ended by thanking Montieth and saying she wishes she could hug Montieth’s loved ones.

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Charice Remembers Moment When Cory Montieth ‘Became Family’

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