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‘Breaking Bad’s’ ‘Walter White’ Suggested To Play Joel Torre’s ‘Tatang’ In ‘OTJ’ Hollywood Remake

From underachieving high school chemistry teacher to unlikely drug kingpin to covert inmate/assassin: that may be the metamorphosis of Bryan Cranston’s roles in Hollywood if one Canadian film critic would have his way.

Chris Bumbray of, in his review of the acclaimed Filipino film “On The Job,” has suggested the next role for Emmy Award winner Bryan Cranston be “Tatang,” the role played by Joel Torre in OTJ.

“This would be a great role for someone like Bryan Cranston in an American redux — which apparently is already on the books,” Bumbray wrote.

Cranston is the lead in the widely admired show “Breaking Bad” which has just recently ended after five seasons on AMC.

It was earlier reported that the camps of Hollywood a-listers Tom Cruise and Mark Wahlberg are eyeing the Erik Matti film for a Hollywood remake. OTJ started getting attention after praise at the recent Cannes Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Bumbray also had praises for Torre and Gerald Anderson, the two assassins in the movie. “Both of them are terrific, especially Torre,” he wrote.

Nonetheless, he also said OTJ has its problems, specifically because “Matti splits the film's focus between them, and the cop on their trail. Pascual's character is well-written, being the son of a disgraced cop who married into a politically powerful family and finds his loyalties torn. But, too much of his part feels like generic good guys-bad guys stuff, as the anti-hero prisoner hit-men just can't help but be much more interesting than the good-looking hero cop.”

He also said that there are “goofy bits and pieces here and there” including “an over-reliance on Filipino pop-tune interludes, and a hilariously tacked-on love scene that seems like it was only thrown in to get a bit of skin into the movie.”

However, in conclusion, the critic found the film a “major accomplishment for both the director and the Filipino film industry as a whole.”

“Despite the reportedly low budget of only a million dollars (as per Wikipedia) it feels polished and slick,” he said.

While it could be better, “ON THE JOB is still a damn good movie, and well worth seeking-out,” he added.

OTJ is about the story of two inmates who are let out of prison every time a hit is ordered by a group which includes dirty government officials. It stars Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson, Piolo Pascual, Joey Marquez, and Michael De Mesa among others.

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‘Breaking Bad’s’ ‘Walter White’ Suggested To Play Joel Torre’s ‘Tatang’ In ‘OTJ’ Hollywood Remake

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