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Rob Schneider Loves To Be Pinoy, Challenges Pacquiao To Karaoke Duel

Hollywood comedian Rob Schneider says that he loves to be associated with the Filipino people.

This was expressed by the Filipino-American actor in an interview with ABS-CBN News as he said that he loves it here in the Philippines.

The actor is currently in the country for a one-night show at Solaire Resort and Casino in Parañaque City.

“I love it here. I mean, the nicest people I've ever had in my life are my Filipino relatives. ... They are just beautiful people,” he said.

He noted that the country is like Ireland in that its biggest export is its people. He said that Filipinos succeed no matter where they are. He also noted the time he was in Singapore where he noticed that Filipinos are the most hardworking bunch.

“They all know me, they know I'm part Filipino and that makes me feel proud, These are good people to be associated with,” he said.

Furthermore, Schneider said he loves the sense of humor Filipinos have that they use to deal with all sorts of calamities and hardships.

“You guys deal with, like, all the plagues that hit Egypt, except for the frogs flying. So people, you have to develop sense of humor,” he said saying that if Filipinos didn’t, they would probably go mad.

He says that Filipinos, for example, clean up after floods with a laugh, which is one thing he loves about the country and its people.

“You can't go five minutes without somebody laughing. It’s a beautiful quality because it makes you feel comfortable,” he said, noting that when one laughs, they make themselves and other people comfortable.

Schneider Vs Pacquiao

Schneider turned confrontational, however, when talking about world boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

Nonetheless, he does not want to fight inside a boxing ring – he wants a karaoke duel.

“Pacquiao, I love you, I'm supposed to meet you for a gig. I want a song with you, I want to do a duet with you,” he said. “Come on, Manny. You and me, Pacman, karaoke, Manila. You know you want to baby.

Nonetheless, Schneider had very high praises for Pacquiao.

He said that Pacquiao’s skills are “ridiculous” and that he does not know a fighter who has gone from 108 pounds to 155 pounds “just destroying” in his path.

“Five, seven years, he was just destroying people. I mean no one can keep up with him,” he said.

Even so, the comedian believes that Manny will be retiring soon.

“I think if he wants to continue fighting, I think one more and that's it,” he said adding that he hopes Pacquiao will get to fight on a big stage for one last time.

Who does he want Pacquiao to fight for his final match? Of course, its Floyd Mayweather.

“That's the reason why Mayweather has avoided Pacquiao, because Pacquiao will win and he knows it,” he said of the unbeaten boxer.

A Movie In The Philippines

Schneider also discussed a possible movie in the country.

He said that he would love to film the story of his mother who is a Filipina.

According to him, his mother has a great story about her childhood which was during the Japanese occupation.

She said that although this time was sad for his mother because she lost her brothers during this period, it was also the most exciting time in her life.

“She's telling me stories like they make pajamas out of bed sheets to trade them to get kamote,” he said.

“It's a beautiful story about a little girl and I'd like to make that story,” he added.

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Rob Schneider Loves To Be Pinoy, Challenges Pacquiao To Karaoke Duel

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