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Lea Salonga, Bamboo Mañalac Excited For The Voice Philippines

Lea Salonga and Bamboo Mañalac are excited about their new show, “The Voice of the Philippines” airing this June.

In a press conference on Friday, the two iconic singers expressed how they are feeling about being new judges in the new ABS-CBN reality singing competition.

The Voice Philippines is the Kapamilya network’s version of the international reality singing tilt The Voice.

Mañalac Happy To Be Part Of The “Dream Team”

Mañalac said that he is happy to be part of the “Dream Team”.

“When they say dream team, if I had to pick and make a choice, this would have been the dream team,” the singer, who will be “The Voice of Rock” for the show, said.

Mañalac also congratulated the people who put together the show for going a great job.

He also said he is very excited.

“Ako, myself, I'm excited. From the first time I watched 'The Voice US,' the first season I got to watch the show, what it is all about,” he said.

He added that this is the show he really wanted to be part of.

“Sabi ko, again, if there's a show that I would have done, this is it, this is tailor-made for myself,” he said.

Salonga Wanted To “Move Mountains” To Be A Judge On The Voice Philippines

Salonga said she was so excited that she in fact wanted to move mountains to be on the show.

“This one, to be quite honest, I wanted to move heaven and earth to make it possible to do it. And it's kind of what happened because I want to be honest,” Salonga, who will be “The Voice of Broadway” on the show, told members of the media on Friday.

She said that she was asked by ABS-CBN to be a judge on other singing competitions but she really wanted her stint to be a judge on a Kapamilya show to be for The Voice.

“it's something na talagang gusto kong gawin. I will move mountains to make it happen and, in this case, the mountains kinda moved,” she said.

According to the singer, she agreed to be part of The Voice Philippines because she wanted to impart her knowledge of music to the next generation of Filipino singers.

She added that it was “really great” that all things worked for the show and her being in it to be possible.

She said she finds it “cool” that because of the format of The Voice, she can impart lessons she learned from “some of the most amazing performers.”

Salonga said “everybody who's coaching are also performers” adding “throughout the years of our having been in this career, we were also coached by some of the most amazing performers.”

She remarked that the show is an opportunity to pay it forward and bring the knowledge that the coaches have and pass it on to the next generation.

“We can't keep naman everything to ourselves. It's good to share, so we will share,” she said.

Judges Will Offer Honesty

Salonga and Mañalac also revealed in the press conference that they will be honest judges.

“I think what I can offer is honesty,” Salonga said adding, however, that she is “already calling myself the bitch in the red chair.”

Nonetheless, she said she does not think “the bitchiness will necessarily be the best approach either.”

It all depends on what happens, she said.

If a contestant becomes arrogant, then she will bring out the “bitchiness”.

“Kung magiging mayabang or arogante na wala sa lugar, so they're gonna get talking and they're not gonna like me,” Salonga said.

She added that if that will happen, “They're gonna get it unfiltered and real.”

Meanwhile, Mañalac said that he will be a coach that listens to his mentees.

“Ako, for me what works for me is nakikinig ako, I will listen to the singers, I will try to see where they want to take the song, the arrangement, the technicality, I'm just there to guide,” the rock star said.

“I think what I want to impart to the singers is not only about music but what happens when the lights are off,” he added.

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Lea Salonga, Bamboo Mañalac Excited For The Voice Philippines

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