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Miss World Megan Young Figures In Haiti Mishap: Shaken But OK [Video]

Miss World Megan Young sustained a minor injury after figuring in an accident at an orphanage she was visiting in Port Au Prince, Haiti on October 31.

According to the official Miss World website, Young along with Miss World Chairman Julia Morley and kids in the orphanage fell through the second floor of an orphanage from a height of about “eight to ten feet”.

Young fell but landed with her Miss World Crown still firmly balanced on her head. Fans of Young need not worry because the beauty queen and actress appears to be okay.

Understandably, she said “It was a shock” that the incident happened when they went to the orphanage “hoping for a good day”.

“I was happy that day and the children we were with seemed so full of energy and joy,” she said in the interview for the report on the Miss World website.

It appears that the floor of the orphanage gave way as children were coming closer to Young and Morley.

Morley, according to the report, was the one who was seriously hurt in the incident as she was flown to Miami, Florida to have surgery for “fractures” in her hip and leg.

The video below captures the moment immediately before the incident and one can hear a loud crack toward the end of the short clip.

The reigning Miss World vividly remembers that exact moment in the interview. She said, “We get onto this second floor platform, and we aren't even there for a minute and we hear a crack and everybody falls through.”

According to her, she has not experienced anything like this in her life and she “felt like a deer in the headlights” at that moment.

Immediately after falling, Young said that she did not know what happened or what to do.

She noticed that she fell but was still on her feet with “the crown in one hand” and holding the decks in place with the other.

Young related that this was a very scary situation for her.

The beauty queen said that the incident highlights how much there is to do not only for these kids in Haiti but in other places that have kids that are living in a similar state.

She said that she wishes Morley a quick recovery and that she would like to go back to Haiti to continue the work they have started.

She said she wants to “make sure nothing like this can happen again.”

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Miss World Megan Young Figures In Haiti Mishap: Shaken But OK [Video]

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