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Ina, Anak, Kapatid

Ina, Kapatid, Anak is a captivating story of family, friendship, sisterhood, love, power, rivalry and acceptance.
Celyn Buenaventura (Kim Chiu) grew up with her mother Teresa (Cherry Pie Picache) in the poor coastal area in Cebu. Though she grew up unfortunate of the physical things, her mother raised her well. She became excellent in academics.

Unlike Celyn, Margaux (Maja Salvador) was raised in an almost perfect family, with the couple Julio (Ariel Rivera) and Beatrice (Janice de Belen) as her parents. She had a life full of pleasures. She was like a princess being the heiress to a family business. She grew up being excellent in arts, and modeling in their shoe line. But, a controlling mother Beatrice wanted Margaux to be perfect. Margaux finds herself being her mother’s puppet, moving only at her shadow.

Coincidentally, Margaux and Celyn both enrolled in the same university, the University of the Philippines. Along with Margaux’s boyfriend Ethan (Enchong Dee) and her childhood friend Liam (Xian Lim), they became friends. She began to explore the world out of her mother’s knowledge. Sharing the same interests and exploring the world together, the two girls became best of friends.

The parents of Margaux do not like her to be in relationship with anyone and her parents insist that in order to be top in academics, Margaux should focus on her study and career. Because of this, the relationship of Margaux and Ethan is hidden and not made known to anyone.
To hide Margaux and Ethan’s forbidden relationship, Celyn disguised as Ethan’s rich girlfriend and kept it as a secret. Later on, the four’s plot is revealed. Margaux found out Celyn’s interest in Ethan, which rifted their friendship.

Celyn’s real identity was revealed as Julio and Beatrice’s biological child. Teresa, Celyn’s mother, was hired by the couple as a surrogate mother. But just before Celyn was born, Teresa run away from the couple and raised Celyn single-handed since then. It was further revealed that Margaux is an adopted child.

This explosive revelation intensified the feud between Celyn and Margaux --- the friends turned into rivals. As their lives were intertwined, they fight more on who’s the best child, in their fields of interests, in love, and in status. Fiercer confrontations and fiery feuds wait as they both fight for love, acceptance in the family and power. Will Margaux ever find acceptance with Celyn being a part of their family? Who will win as they battle over everything - love..family..status?

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ina, anak, kapatid

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