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Juan Dela Cruz

Juan dela Cruz is one of the most popular primetime series in the Philippines today. It is being produced and broadcasted by the giant company ABS-CBN. It is filmed in high definition which is only one of the two of its kind in the Philippine television drama’s history. It is the most expensive drama series to date.

Juan dela Cruz (translated in English as John of the Cross) is a mixture of Philippine culture, mythology, and religion. The Philippines is rich in various folklore and native stories. The drama involves character such as Aswang and Tagapagbantay. Aswang is the most feared creature in Philippine folklore. It is a creature that sucks blood and can change appearance at will. Tagapagbantay or guardian angels are the good force of nature that protects humans from these dangerous creatures. The name Juan dela Cruz is a term used to generally refer to the common Pilipino masses.


Juan dela Cruz (Coco Martin) is the son of Amelia (Mylene Dizon) and Samuel (Albert Martinez). His mother is a mortal being from the line of Tagapagbantay while his father is the King of the Aswangs. Juan’s mother died while giving birth to him. As a result, he becomes an orphan and ended in the unruly streets of Quiapo. Juan, as a young boy, is a trouble maker and all the townspeople did not like him except the town’s priest, Father Cito (Jaime Fabregas).

Juan really doesn’t know who and what his father is. He do not even know that he is half-aswang. The kingdom of Aswang doesn’t also know that Juan dela Cruz is one of them. If they will know this, the aswang will force Juan to join their group. Moreover, Juan is the prophesied Anak ng Dilim (Son of Darkness) who will bring glory to the Aswang race.

Father Cito’s role in Juan’s life has been instrumental. He taught Juan Godly principles and values. But because of robbery that happened in the church, Father Cito was killed and the Bakal na Krus (Steel Cross) has been stolen. The Bakal na Krus is very important because it is the only weapon that can effectively destroy the entire race of Aswang. The Cross can change its shape into different types of weapons such as low-and-arrow, sword, spear, whip, and possesses the essential power to be a Tagapagbantay.

Juan dela Cruz struggle between his two natures, being an Aswang and Tagapagbantay. As he tries to find himself, the Steel Cross, and his destiny, he meets a beautiful young Aswang hunter, Rosario (Erich Gonzales) which he later fall in love with.

Which side will Juan stands at the end of it all? Will he ever find the strength to overcome the evil inside him and wield the Steel Cross to destroy the Aswang Race? Who will win the long-running battle between good and evil?

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