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Little Champ Summary

Little Champ is a drama series which premiered on March 18, 2013 produced by Celeste Villanueva-Lumasac under ABS-CBN network, Philippines. It also shows in different corners of the world via TFC (The Filipino Channel) Running time of 30 minutes Monday to Friday at 17:45 (PST)This newest TV series attracts most of the Filipinos in Philippines and worldwide as it caters different taste of its viewer choice such as fantasy, drama, and adventure.

The story revolves to a little boy named “caloy” (play by a young star JB Agustin Malatamban) and his talking horse named “chalk” (voiced by Maliksi Morales) as they both fight against evil forces that threaten the whole city/town of their own. Two different creations will dwell with each other to help and protect their love ones against arising villains. Revenge will start when Caloy’s playmate, the son of a powerful and rich hacienderro named Miguel, fall off from a horse and dies, which puts the blame on Caloy. Miguel, as he loses his own son, will hunt down the child to death.

Consequently, a meteorite falls from the outer space that possesses great power. As it falls on the Earth, the meteorite splits into two. One part of the meteorite hits Miguel while the other one hits Chalk, a horse. Thus, the incidence leads to the eventful battle between good and evil. The power from the meteorite enables “Chalk”, a sickly horse to transform in a strong and sturdy stallion horse. In addition to this, Chalk is given the power to communicate with Caloy but only to him and not to other people. On the other hand, Miguel will have the occurrence of evil powers filled with revenge and anger from his loses and sorrows.


Kung Kailangn Mo Ako is the soundtrack used by the drama series. The soundtrack is rendered by ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra and with the lead singer, Piolo Pascual.

Main Characters/Voice Characters

Little Champ serves as a debut TV series of legendary star Senator Lito Lapid. He plays the vital role, Amang Leon who is a strong and fierce chief captain of his town that promotes peace and order.
It also features popular action stars like John Regala and Eddie Garcia as they voice play Blackjack and Champion, together with Rico jay Puno, Jeffrey Tam,Maliksi Morales, and Joone Gamboa which all play as voice talents for the different characters in this TV series.
Jhong Hilario and Precious Larra Quigaman have taken the role as Caloy’s parents. While Jake Roxas plays the role of Miguel, a rich haccienderro. Together with other supporting actors and actresses the said series is made perfect for televiewers.

TV shows or movies with animals as the main character are a usual story plot. We can find these types of genre in common places but the TV series Little Champ is different among others. The series typifies friendship with a twist of romance and an element of mystery.

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little champ summary

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