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Minute To Win It

Minute to Win It is one of the most exciting game shows in the Philippine TV today. Originally, the format of the game is derived from Shine International’s Minute to Win It. With its thrilling and breath-taking games, Minute to Win It Philippine edition gathers over a million audiences from both national and international sources.

The show started on January 14, 2013. It is currently hosted by Luis Manzano, a veteran on hosting different types of shows. The format of Minute to Win It is a game show type which is written by the premier writers of the country like Benjamin Guerrero, Darwin Guevarra, Escobar, Angilette Ken C., Evette Borromeo, Waldo Martino Bautista, and Mark Joseph Buenafe. The show is directed by Johnny Manahan. The primary producer of the show is Alou Almaden who is supported by secondary producers Ricci Bernal and Rose Casala. The editors are Roy Charles Tuazon, Jerwyn Tan, Delma Pagulong, Joyce Marie Alvaro, Marjoreen Mendoza, and Delma Pagulong. Approximately, the show will run 45 minutes.


The Philippine edition of Minute to Win It is derived from the original American series. The game starts when a blueprint is presented to the contestant. The blueprint will explain to the contestant what he or she needs to accomplish and how to do it. The game show is primarily named as Minute to Win It because the contestants will be given exactly 1 minute or 60 seconds to complete each level.

When the contestant finishes the first, fifth and eight stages, he or she will be guaranteed to take home the price money equivalent to that stage. So it means that if the contestant failed the seventh stage, he or she will go home with the price money awarded in the fifth stage.

Obviously, the blueprint will become more difficult as the player progresses in each stage. The contestant is given three “lives”. If the contestant failed a stage, he will lose one life. The contestant will finally be sent home after exhausting his or her three lives.

After the completion of one stage, the contestant will have a choice to proceed to the next level or not. If the contestant will decide not to proceed, he or she is guaranteed to take home the price money won from the previous stage. But if the contestant will choose to proceed, he or she will be given the chance to win more but will risk losing his or her newly won money.

The ultimate game price is 1 million but to date, the highest price money won is only 500,000php, just one stage away from the 1 million spot. The first stage is equivalent to 5,000php; second stage is 10,000php; third stage is 25,000php; fourth is 50,000php; fifth stage is 75,000php; sixth stage is 100,000php; seventh stage is 150,000php; eighth stage is 250,000php; ninth stage is 500,000php; tenth and final stage is 1,000,000.

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