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Summary Of The Voice

The Voice is originally a reality singing competition in U.K. but now has invaded many countries around the globe. The Philippines will not be left behind as the ABS-CBN (largest local TV network of the country) announced its launching of The Voice edition in the Philippine television. The first season of The Voice in the Philippines will take place in the early part of April 2013. It will be hosted by the countries’ premier talented Robi Domingo and Toni Gonzaga. To conform to the show’s format, The Voice Philippine Edition will also have coaches which include (one of the vocalist of the international band, Black Eyed Peas), Lea Salonga (international singer first known for her performance in Miss Saigon), Bamboo Manalac (Popular lead vocalist of the Band, Bamboo), and Sarah Geronimo (one of the most beautiful voices in the Philippines), all of which are the most talented singers in the land.

According to initial reports, the ultimate winner of the singing competition will win a whooping 2 million pesos (approximately $50,000) and a contract from MCA Music Philippines. To be specific, the Philippines is the fourth country to gain a national franchise of The Voice in the Southeast Asia after Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.


The general format of The Voice of the Philippines is derived from the original competition format of The Voice of Holland. Generally, The Voice consists of four coaches who are in the quest to find the next singing sensation of the country. The four coaches will base their judgment on the “voice” alone and not because of the singer’s appearance, dance moves, stage presence, personality, and attitude. This is the main attribute of The Voice that sets it apart from other reality talent shows such as Got Talent, Idol, The X Factor, and others.

After the audition, the final list of artists who passed the initial screening will be grouped into four. Each group will be handled by one of the four coaches. The coaches will then choose songs for their singers and aim to make their artist to make it to the top performance night.

Anyone can audition for the talent show from 16 years old and up. During the audition, the coaches will sit and turn their backs from the singer. This way, they will surely not judge the person according to what they see but what they hear. As the contestant sings, the coaches will listen to his or her voice and when a coach will like to take in that contestant as a student, he will push the button in front of them. The chair will automatically spin around to face the performer. In case there is more than one coach who likes the performer, it will be the performer’s prerogative to choose which coach the performer will like to be his or her mentor. Obviously, if no coach pushed the button, the performer will have to leave the contest.
In general, the contestant will have to undergo four stages. These are the producer’s audition where the performers will first be filtered by the show’s crew. Usually, the producer’s audition is not aired publicly. Then the blind audition will come next which is when the coaches do the choosing. Third is the Battle Phase where the contestant will compete with each other. This is where the coaches will strive hard to make their talent successfully and better than the other competitors. Then finally, the live shows where the final contestants will have a show down of their talent. It is called as ‘live’ show since the contestant will have to perform in front of the live audiences, the coaches, and the whole country through live telecast.

The Voice of the Philippines’ Coaches

The coaches of The Voice are dubbed as the best among the best in the country. They are the biggest in the music industry and have garnered prestigious awards both national and international.

Sarah Geronimo

On early February of 2013, it is announced that Sarah will be one of coaches of the most awaited The Voice. Because of this, the weekly show of Sarah, Sarah G.Llive, was cut short to give Sarah enough time to fulfill her new commitments. In addition to her busy schedule, Sarah is filming her latest movie, It Takes A Man And A Woman produced by Star Cinema with her co-star John Lloyd Cruz.

Bamboo Manalac

At the final episode of Sarah G. Live, Bamboo served as one of the guests of the show and hinted that he will be part of something “big” in this year. Finally, it was on February 14, 2013 that ABS-CBN confirmed that Bamboo will be one of the coaches of The Voice.

Lea Salonga

Dubbed as ‘the voice that conquered the world’, Lea Salonga is officially announced as part of The Voice on February 17, 2013. She is popularly known to be a theater actress that appeared on Broadway’s Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. She was considered as a Disney Legend for being a voice talent in Disney’s Aladdin and Mulan.

Allan Pineda or better known as is a Filipino-American that first made a name as a member of the international band Black Eyed Peas. When he was introduced in the show, he was dubbed as the voice that ruled the worldwide music chart. There had been some issues to settle when The Voice decided to have for the show and finally, on March 27, 2013, the final announcement was made in the national television.

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summary of the voice

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