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Glory Jane Summary

Jane Yoon, a simple and cheerful child grown up in a happy family. But in an instant, her life changed forever. Her father (Yoon II-Goo) was the President of a trading company. He was killed in a car accident and falls into the body of water caused by his friend Seo Jae-Myung who conspired with his former chauffer chauffeur Kim In-Bae. Jae Myung wanted to take over the company and to do this, he has to get rid of Jane’s father.

When Jane’s mother, Eun-Joo, received a phone call and learned about her husband, she immediately took Jane and drove to the hospital. Because of the heavy rain, they got into a car accident instead. Jane was thrown out of the car and hit her head so hard that she can’t remember anything. The rescuers found Jane’s mother unconscious and until that day, they are not united for a very long time.
Afterwards, the police found Jane and contacted the vice-President Seo Jae-Myung and notify them about the girl matching the description of Jane, but she cannot remember who she is. The chauffeur Kim In-Bae happens to see her and told vice President Seo Jae-Myung that Jane, who was his friend’s daughter, was found. He commands the chauffeur to get Jane and take her to a place where no one knows. Jae-Myung promised In-Bae that he will help him by giving him money to start his own noodle restaurant. Jae-Myung also promised In-Bae that he will give money to support his family and make sure that his children with have a wonderful future.

Then, the chauffeur did what Seo Jae-Myung commanded and hoping for the best since Jae-Myung gives him an irrestible offer. He took Jane to a very far orphanage and because of the guilt feelings he has, he told the young girl who she really is. In-Bae admitted that her real name is Jane and In-Bae instructed Jane to never forget her name whatever happens. Later on, Seo Jae-Myung now became the President of the company and has the power to control everything in the company. Jae-Myung commanded the death of In-Bae so that no one will ever know what he did with Jane’s family.

After 17 years, in spite of her difficulties in life, Jane remains cheerful and positive in everything. She studied hard and became a hardworking nurse but still, Jane doesn’t remember her past. One day, Young-Gwang, (the chauffeur’s son) was injured and brought to the hospital. The same day, In-Woo (Seo Jae-Myung’s son) was also injured and admitted to the hospital. Both Young-Gwang and Jae-Myung are reigning superstars. Jane approached Young-Gwang and told him that she has been his fan since he was young. He remembers the promise they had when they were young.

Jane eventually regained her memory and found her long-lost mother. Her mother then told her that they own a company. In spite of the desire in revealing Jane’s identity to rightfully take what is theirs, she chose not since this may endanger her life and her mother’s. Jane decided to infiltrate the company by applying to be an employee. Through a twist and turn of events, Jane would like to reveal Jae-Myung’s dark secret.
General Description and Production

The genre of the series is comedy, romance, sports, and action. It is formatted as a television series. The show is directed by Lee Jung-Sub and written by Kang Eun Kyung. The lead stars are Lee Jin, Lee Jang-woo, Park Min-young, and Chun Jung-myung. The country of origin is South Korea and there are 24 episodes and 1 season.

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Glory Jane Summary

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