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Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw

Kailangan ko’y Ikaw, (translated in English as You’re all I need), is one of the newest TV series aired in the Philippines by ABS-CBN which premiered on January 21, 2013 and to run for thirteen weeks, having sixty-five episodes in total. Aired every 9:00 pm Mondays through Fridays.

A TV series of melodrama, romance and mixed with action. Written by Rhoda Sulit, Directed by an award winning director Miss Joyce Bernal and Jon Villarin. Starring the Philippines’ TV Royalties, Robin Padilla as Gregorio “bogs” Dagohoy, Miss Kris Aquino as Roxanne Manrique and Anne Curtis as Ruth Manrique.
Gregorio “bogs” Dagohoy is a police man with a quest to solve his father’s alleged involvement in a bank robbery. While Bogs was on duty, he received a call of a kidnapping with one of the Manrique’s daughter. He then went to the Manrique to confirm and to help solve the kidnapping case. After Bogs’ group traced the kidnapper and head on with the entrapment, they were all surprise that Ruth Manrique was behind with the incident.

Ruth Manrique wanted to be a model but her father Rodrigo Manrique (Tirso Cruz III) has bigger dreams for her and never supported her to be a model. A form of Rebellion, she has planned the kidnapping to extort money from her family. Yet, after being busted with incident, her father asks her to pay the damage she has done to their family and it caused all her savings. But she still pursues her dreams of becoming a model. When she got an event she was bothered as she was required to produce a police clearance. So Ruth visited Bogs for a police clearance and was disappointed that her request was not granted. She then secretly took Bogs police badge and left an invitation for the event.

At the event Bogs showed up. While Ruth was on the ramp, Bogs was fascinated with Ruth’s beauty. At the end of the show Bogs got into a fight protecting Ruth, after which they get along together.

Meanwhile Rodrigo Manrique was troubled knowing the last name of Bogs. In relation to Rodrigo’s deepest secret, he asks Red (Ian Veneracion) his eldest, to investigate the Family background of Bogs and found out that Nestor Dagohoy is the father of Bogs and the memory of Nestor haunted him. This has alerted him and wanted to keep his family away from Bogs. He then send Ruth to New York and let her pursue her modeling career. With Ruth’s dream to be a model, she left, leaving Bogs hanging.

With the need to hire a competent trainer on their security agency, Roxanne contacted Bogs to work for them. Bogs as well take the offer and gets along with Roxanne. As time passes by, Bogs found himself liking Roxanne, but Roxanne, with respect for Ruth, restrained her feelings for Bogs. However, Bogs showed persistence for Roxanne and make her fall in love and made their relationship official without telling Roxanne’s family.

Unexpectedly as Bogs proposes marriage to Roxanne, Ruth has arrived from New York and have witnessed as her sister accepts the wedding proposal. Ruth then exposed their relationship to their family, which has caused trouble and compromises the health of their father. Though Rodrigo is not in favor of Roxanne getting married to Bogs, the two pursued with their wedding. And this has separated the Manrique family from Bog’s and Roxanne.

Yet things gets more interesting after seven years, as Bogs and Roxanne lived happily on their own and had raised their two children well, another trial for the family is about to be revealed. Roxanne found out that she has cancer. The Manrique family is still not done with bogs. The family is planning to link Bogs with a crime that could bring him down.

Where will this complicated story ends? Will Bogs ever find happiness as her loving wife is suffering from cancer? What will Roxanne do to make his husband still happy even way after she has already died? Will Ruth ever finds her way back to Bog’s heart? These are just some of the questions that will be answered as the story unveils many twists and turns of event.

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kailangan ko’y ikaw

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