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Temptation Of Wife - Dramawiki

Temptation of Wife or sometimes known as Lure of Wife is one of the highest grossing South Korean drama in late 2008 until early 2009. The Korean drama garnered many awards and yet its content is very controversial. Most people questions the morality of the soap opera since it seems to promote adultery and unfaithfulness. Nevertheless, Temptation of Wife continues to be highly watched not just in Korea but also in other parts of the globe even long after it ended in Korea in May 1, 2009.


The story begins with Angeline Goo (Jang Seo Hee) and Heidi Shin (Kim Seo-hyung) as best friends since they are still small. Heidi is an orphan and was adopted by the parents of Angeline, Abner and Minda. Since they share the same house, they inevitably forged a strong bond of friendship. But behind their friendship is deceit and envy. Angeline is a responsible and loving daughter and yet, Heidi feels like she has been cheated all this time and she secretly detests Angeline. Heidi is very ambitious and will do anything to become a make-up artist.

Because of inner and outer beauty of Angeline, many boys liked and courted her but she finally falls in love with Marcel Jung (Byun Woo-Min). Angeline will also like to be a make-up artist but she have to give up her ambition as she becomes pregnant with Marcel’s child after Marcel took advantage of Angeline when she becomes drunk.

The marriage of Marcel and Angeline is plagued with betrayal and disappointments. As this might be the case, Angeline still loves Marcel and becomes a very loving daughter-in-law. But things become even worse because of Angeline’s miscarriage.
After being suspicious of her husband’s behavior she finally discovered that Marcel is having an affair with her best friend, Heidi. She was devastated to learn that two of the closest people in her life have betrayed her.

Marcel decided to divorce Angeline to be with Heidi. Angeline is sent back to her parents but Marcel did not know that Angeline is already pregnant when he divorced her. Heidi is also pregnant.

Determined to get rid of Angeline once and for all, Marcel forced Angeline to abort her child but Angeline refused. Marcel then tried to convince her by bringing Angeline in the beach. But because of some freaky events, Angeline instead drowned. Marcel and Heidi then conspired to make a make-up story that Angeline commits suicide.

Unknown to Heidi and Marcel, Angeline did not really drown. She pretended to be dead but she survived to carry out her revenge for her lost child. She assumes other personality and by twist of fate, becomes a professional and famous make-up artist. She becomes rich and now better equipped to have revenge.

How will Heidi and Marcel react as they meet a woman who seems to be a premonition of Angeline? Will Angeline ever acquire her revenge? How will this complicated and unpredictable story ends?

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temptation of wife - dramawiki

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