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Indio is one of the largest projects of GMA, the rival network of ABS-CBN. The genre of the series is a historical drama epic. It is the second of its kind after the successful launching of Amaya which has the same concept. The series is cast by the industry’s most respected actors and actresses who include Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., Michael de Mesa, Jennylin Mercado, Maxene Magalona, and Rhian Ramos. To ensure the historical accuracy of Indio, Philippine historians, Dr. Rolando Borrinaga and Vic Villan are brought along with the inception of Indio.

The term Indio is a term used by the Spaniards during the 16th to 19th century. Indio is used to refer to the commoners of the Philippines. Because of the magnitude of the series production, it is dubbed as not a mini-series anymore but a mini-movie being shown in the primetime television. According to GMA network, it is the biggest and most expensive project of the network for the year 2013.

The story’s setting is in the central region of VIsayas, the middle portion of the Philippines. During the pre-colonial period, native Filipinos harmoniously live with diwatas (a term to refer to gods). The native people enjoy the bountiful harvest of land and of the sea through the help of their god, Laon.

The goddess of war, Ynaguiguinid, has fallen in love with a mortal man. Ynaguiguinid gave birth to a child but their peaceful life was shattered because of the arrival of Spanish conquistadors. Because of the strategic location of the island in relation with the whole Asian region, the Spanish want to conquer the land and spread Christianity at the same time.

Since Ynaguiguinid is the goddess of war, she gave all her power and might to defeat the Spanish conquerors. But she is not enough to single-handedly stop the conquering aliens from destroying most of their towns. Because of the incident, Ynaguiguinid’s son died in the battle. The goddess of war is severely wounded and has decided to transfer all her remaining power to her lifeless son. Her child lives but Ynaguiguinid died. The child was later found by a two loving couple named Tarong and Linang. The child was named Malaya which is translated “free” in English.

As time passes by, Malaya grew stronger and stronger because of the diwata blood running through his veins. Malaya met Magayon, the goddess of birds. Magayon explained to Malaya who he really is and the purpose of his existence – to liberate the commoners from the clutches of oppressive foreigners.

Fate has been very harsh to Malaya. Because of unfortunate events, he was separated from his loving foster parents. He becomes an orphan until Juancho Sanreal found and adopted Malaya. Juancho is a deceitful man. He pretended to be so nice to Malaya just to use Malaya’s supernatural abilities for his own gain.

After many years, Malaya eventually learned of Juancho’s real motive. In addition to this, Malaya found out that Juancho is responsible for the death of her fiancée, Rosa. His realization finally leads him to take his role as a hero to take on the conquerors and lead his people to freedom.

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