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Forever is a freshly launched Filipino drama series that aired last January 21, 2013, it features fascinating performances from some of the biggest and respected stars of this generation. Its original concept caught the hearts of viewers as it hits great ratings on its pilot episodes. A telenovela, that is of drama, romance and science fiction genre. The series relates the enchanting love story of unfortunate lovers.


The tale begins in the late 1950’s with a young woman named Adora (Heart Evangelista), the beautiful daughter and heiress of one of the richest hacienderos in the province. She grew up wanting to be loved. Her mother died of after giving birth to her, that’s why her father never loved her for he believed Adora is responsible for her mother’s death.

In spite of her family’s high status, she fell in love with their farmer, Ramon (Geoff Eigenman) a humble, passionate and principled worker in their hacienda called Hacienda del Prado. They kept their relationship in secret from Adora’s father Don Jaime (Ronnie Heneres), an overbearing Haciendero, who disagreed strongly with her relationship with Ramon. To get rid of Ramon in her daughter’s life, he had an agreement with his friend’s son Federico (Marc Abaya), an arrogant and powerful suitor of Adora.

Ramon wanted to fight for their love, but Adora was not strong enough to give up her only family (her father), and she cannot afford to spare Ramon’s life for fighting for their love, so she abandoned Ramon and decided to obey her father-to marry Federico. But, even before their wedding, she begged off the agreement. Since her father and Federico would not let her, she escaped and went to Ramon.

After they were able to run away from Don Jaime and Federico, they got married. Ramon strived to give everything to Adora. He wanted her to still be like a princess in spite of the insufficient income that Ramon earns. After weeks of staying happily together, Adora got pregnant. But, unfortunately Federico found them. Ramon’s life ended with gunshot from Federico. A promise of everlasting love is what he gave Adora before his last breath.

Grieving, Adora was found by the mysterious woman who witnessed their love from the start. She gave Adora the “magical watch” which she said will help her continue their promise. After Ramon’s death, Adora was so devastated and depressed that caused her to lose her child. She loses her hope losing the two most important people in her life --- the family she has always wanted.

Seeing his daughter’s painful fate, Don Jaime realized all his mistakes. He confessed that he has agreed with his friend (Federico’s father) long before he knew about her relationship with Ramon. That’s why she needs to be married with Federico. Because of everything that has happened to her, she knew she’ll still have a miserable life. She agreed to be married to Federico, but it didn’t happened because her father discovered that Federico shoot Ramon that caused his death. Federico was jailed. She thought that she’ll be happy again knowing that Federico is out of their lives, but it didn’t helped her. She still missed her husband.

She lived her life, still longing for Ramon’s presence. After Don Jaime died, time passed faster, as she has wished. Their business became more successful. Decades later, she finally meets Patrick (Geoff Eigenman), a young painter. His paintings reminded the old Adora of all their sweet memories in the Hacienda. She finally had a chance of meeting this man. But, it has not been easy for her to meet again. But when they finally met, they formed an unusual bond. Will they be able to have a special connection again? What will happen in their quest to continue their tragic love affair? Can the magical watch bring back their past and continue their impeded romance?

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