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Kusina Master Summary

Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master or also known as Kitchen Master is a Filipino live cooking show that started airing on January 2012. It airs 30 minutes on weekdays at 10:00 a.m. The show features recipes and live cooking in front of live audience performed by the host Chef Pablo “Boy” Logro. From his humble beginnings as a houseboy in his teenage years, and with his perseverance and pure talent, he became a chef of the Sultan of Oman and as an Executive Chef of the Manila Diamond Hotel and now impressing the live audience on his own cooking show Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master.


Chef Boy Logro, a bubbly, lovable and experienced chef was given a big break on Philippine TV. The show features Chef Boy’s impressive skills in cooking. It packages the hosts’ talent and skills in cooking and he imparts it with the audience. A step-by-step cooking guide, practical cooking tips and reveals kitchen secrets on making cooking easy and fun.

Every week, Chef Boy will have a celebrity co-host that will help him in preparing unique dishes. As the show goes on, Chef Boy will impart to the audience the recipes. At the end of the show, the host will be giving assignment on the audience on what they need to buy for the next episode. Each episode, Chef Boy will also have a celebrity student who will find out the secrets of how to be a Kusina Master and learn valuable tips on cooking.

On the second season, due to the show’s high ratings, Chef Boy Logro: Kusina Master extended time from 15 minutes airing to 30 minutes. A new segment was also added named “Master Express” where the Chef is challenged to make a unique dish in five minutes time. On July 9 of 2012, the show had its third season and because of the show’s success in ratings, its airing time was again extended to 45 minutes.
During the third season, another segment was again added to the show called the “Turo Tours”. The show took off around Metro Manila and some other provinces with a six-wheeler mobile kitchen studio. This segment allowed the viewers to see the actual cooking of the chef plus a free treat of tasting every dish that the chef cooks. The truck is programmed to self-assemble and disassemble itself with a press button that made the audience go “wow”. It also has a built-in kitchen, studio and loaded with audio-lighting equipment. Aside from this segment, the show has also added more other segments like “Market Basket Challenge”, “Cook Along” and “Master Fiesta Dish”.

The show is now on its fourth season and is still hot on the viewers. It introduced another segment called “Kusina Master for the Day”, where it features a chef popular on his or her own signature dish. The dish that will present the chef may be a masterpiece or a specialty in his or her own kitchen or in an establishment. This segment also shares his/her story to motivate the viewers. Another segment on its fourth season is the “Ininit to Eat it” (lit. Re-heat to Eat it) where Chef Boy Logro cook new dishes from the left-over foods. It shows helpful tips in cooking and in managing the kitchen to avoid wasting. Chef Boy surely caught the hearts of the audience and its viewers as it still spikes the ratings.

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kusina master summary

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