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Mundo Mo’y Akin

This is one of the Filipino’s typical television series with a story of friendship, love, wealth, beauty, deceit and betrayal.

Mundo Mo’y Akin or in English is Deception is produced and aired by one of the biggest TV networks in the country Kapuso GMA, one of the latest soap opera, which started on March 18, 2013 locally and started on March 19, 2013 on GMA Pinoy TV.

Casted by Philippine’s best actresses and actors Angelika dela Cruz As Rodora Santos and Giselle Atienza, Sunshine Dizon as Perlita Mendoza, Jolina Magdangal as Aida Carbonel, Gabby Eigenmann as Ziggy Carbonel, Louise delos Reyes as Marilyn, Lauren Young as Darlene and Miss Jaclyn Jose as Charito Carbonel.

Rodora Santos and Perlita Mendoza grew up as best friends and most of the time they are subject to bullying, humiliation and ridicule for their unattractive beauty features. They may be physically similar with each other, but completely different with the attitude towards life. Perlita has accepted her fate and ugly beauty with grace, contentment and hopeful in all things, while Rodora her best friend accepts it negatively.
Rodora, with great determination to change her fate, she patiently works under an old abusive Donya Carmen. After Donya Carmen was heart attacked and died, with no kin around to inherit her wealth, Rodora takes claims to all her wealth. Then Rodora undergone face surgery and completely change her name to Giselle Atienza, leaving all traces of the past behind her.

Perlita on the other hand positively trusted and accepted a Fil-Am guy, who courts her. Too trusting that the guy love him and accepted her as she is, she gave in to him and got pregnant. Unexpected by Perlita, the guy left her and took all the money she has, leaving her nothing, not even a choice but to accept everything and move on with her life. She is a servant at the Carbonel’s mansion.

Coincidentally, Perlita and Rodora’s paths cross again at the Carbonel’s mansion. But this time Rodora or Giselle is too far compared to Perlita. She is now the beautiful wife of Ziggy Carbonel, Charito Carbonel’s son. Perlita does not know that Giselle is her best friend Rodora,
concealed with a new beauty.

Meanwhile, Giselle and Perlita are both pregnant with the same month of delivery. Giselle is worried too much for the baby’s appearance, that it may inherit the features she had and may expose her true beauty and identity. However, Perlita never worry a thing.
Month of delivery has come and Giselle’s greatest fear has come true. Her baby inherits her ugly features. This worries her so much, that this may give shame to the Carbonel Family and Ziggy would end their marriage. On the other hand, Perlita was amazed with her cute little one, a beautiful baby, but she lost consciousness after seeing the baby.

Aida, the cousin of Ziggy, informed Giselle that Perlita delivered a beautiful baby. This envy Giselle and connived with Aida to exchange the babies with a guarantee to help Aida with the family business. So Aida concedes and switched the babies. This brings peace to Giselle and named the baby Darlene.

Years passed and Perlita raised her daughter well, named Marilyn, and so as Giselle to Darlene. In spite with the different status in life, Marilyn and Darlene grew up as close friends. Jerome, son of Aida, is also their friend and has always been good to Marilyn and defended her from others, but will eventually like Darlene.

This is the ill-fate of the soap’s characters. Until when will the two ladies be friends when they like the same guy? Will they be able to find love and happiness? Where will the greediness and selfishness of Giselle take her? These are the questions that will be answered as the story goes on with more revelation.

Overall Description

Mundo Mo’y Akin is created by GMA Entertainment TV Group and developed by RJ Nuevas and Denoy Navarro-Punio. It is a telenovela format and has a genre of romance and drama. The series is written by John Kenneth de Leon, Marlon Miguel, and Des Garbes-Severino. The director is Andoy Ranay while Jun Luna serves as the creative director. The theme music (“Pangarap ng Bituin) is composed by Willy Cruz and sung by Rachelle Ann Go. The series is shot in Silang, Cavite, Tagaytay City, and Quezon City, Philippines.


The conceptualization of the series started way back mid-2012 by RJ Nuevas. Initially, the series should have a title Ang Mundo Ko’y Ikaw (You Are My World) but has to be changed to Mundo Mo’y Akin to accommodate the change in plot. The series should have run longer but because of some scheduling issues, it was fast-tracked as evidenced by the pilot series of Mundo Mo’y Akin. But this has made a positive impact on the series since viewers perceived it as different from other telenovelas that start the story two generations ago.


According to AGB Nielsen Philippines, the series garnered the highest rating in Metro Manila with 22.7% rating at its pilot episode. The following episodes have 21% as its average rating. Many positive comments are made for the most-talked about TV series. These include the favorable comments made by Nestor Torre of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Joe Barrameda of Abante, and Dino Erece of blog Show and Tell.

Casts and Characters

Major characters include Sunshine Dizon (Perlita Mendoza), Angelika dela Cruz (Giselle Atienza-Carbonell/Rodora Santor), Louise delos Reyes (Marilyn Mendoza), Alden Richards (Jerome Alvarez), Lauren Young (Darlene Carbonel), Jolina Magdangal (Zenaida Carbonell), Gabby Eigenmann (Ziggy Carbonel), Jacklyn Jose (Charito Vda. De Carbonell), Kier Legaspi (Romeo Alvarez), Frances Ignacio (Mama Josie), Jenny Miller (Krizzy Ferreira), Vivo Ouano (Ryan Ferreira), and Lui Mananzala (Carmen Atienza).

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Mundo Mo’y Akin

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