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Joel Cruz Talks About Surrogacy To Have His Twins

Entrepreneur and local fragrance master Joel Cruz has revealed that his children, twins, were borne through in vitro fertilization. The businessman considers Prince Sean and Princess Synne, his twins, as his currently most prized possessions.

Cruz, an openly gay man, has long wanted to have his own family. But he has always ruled out marrying a woman. He also did not count on legal adoption as he prefers to have a child who is genetically his. He recalled that several years ago, he has consulted a Singapore-based fertility doctor for possible in vitro fertilization.

He then flew to that country a number of times to undergo IVF cycles. To his dismay, the initial tests showed that he has lower sperm count, which could make it impossible to pursue the process. But he still underwent numerous related procedures. All efforts failed, though.

Not losing hope

Cruz said he did not lose hope. About two years ago, a Filipino doctor within the same Singaporean fertility clinic he was visiting gave him an advice. The doctor told him that he had three willing Filipino surrogates who are willing to carry IVF embryos in their uterus. But still, all three attempts failed.

As he neared depression, he checked online sites about the subject. This was how he discovered a law firm/agency that specializes in brokering arrangements between prospective parents and surrogate moms. He found out that such a medical procedure is liberally allowed in Russia.

Moscow-based Rosjur Consulting, in 2011, sent him several profiles of willing surrogate mothers. From those, he picked Lilia, a six-foot Ukrainian woman who he describes as resembling Hollywood actress Julia Roberts. She has already tried surrogacy in the past. And so the process went on.

Delivery of the babies

In September 4, 2012, Lilia delivered Cruz’s twins in Russia. Cruz first saw the twins through pictures, which were sent to him two days after their birth. He recalled how he was glad to see the babies having Filipino features although they had alabaster skin and light brown hair.

The businessman had enough time to practice how to carry babies before he flew to Moscow to get his twins. Cruz was thankful that he could now use the lessons he learned when he took psychology and anatomy courses as a pre-med student at the University of Santo Tomas many years ago.

Protective dad

Cruz disclosed that Lilia delivered his babies in one of the most expensive and best hospitals in the Russian capital. But he said she was transferred to a more reasonable facility after delivery. That was where the twins were taken care of before he came to pick them up. Overall, Cruz spent more than P7 million to cover the entire surrogacy process.

Now, Cruz admits that he is a protective father to his twins. The children are being taken care of by professional nannies in a nursery that is equipped with CCTV cameras all over. This is to make sure the nannies would not remiss in their duties. While he is at the office, he monitors the babies through his laptop.

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Joel Cruz Talks about Surrogacy to Have His Twins

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