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Mo Twister Gets A 5-Month Suspension From Radio Show

More than two years after leaving the country for good, Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay in real life) is still as controversial as ever. For those who are not familiar with his affairs, he has resumed hosting a daily morning show over radio station Magic 899.

How does he do that? Well, apparently, Mo Twister and the radio’s management agreed that the DJ would broadcast live from his home in New York. They are using latest technology to make it possible for him to continue hosting his daily morning show ‘Good Times.’ The show is also available on podcast.

But it seems that Mo Twister would take a break for some time. The controversial DJ-turned TV host has obtained a five-month suspension order from the radio station’s management. That is after he and his co-host DJ Suzy discussed a very sensitive topic in one of their past shows.

Suspension announcement

The suspension was announced by Mo Twister in his own Instagram account. In that announcement, he emphasized that this is not the first time that he is getting a suspension for discussing overly sensitive topics in his morning radio show. But he was surprised that he is now getting his longest suspension ever.

But the DJ-host revealed that the show would continue on podcast. In his announcement, he hinted that he and Suzy would be back along with their morning show by around Christmas time. Meanwhile, DJs Sam Oh and Gibb are taking over the slot to be vacated in the radio station.

Apparently, his supporters are there. It came to Mo Twister’s knowledge that there is an online petition that is circulating across the Internet. It was addressed to the management of Magic 89.9. The petition is calling the management to lessen the suspension order for the morning show.

Online petition

Mo Twister said he was so touched at the gesture of the radio show’s followers. He recalled how the petition was signed by hundreds of online users in just a short span, probably a few minutes.

In his succeeding Instagram posts, he expressed his sadness because he was not given the chance to say good bye to his radio listeners. Although he emphasized that the disappearance would only last for a while, he felt bad that he was not able to personally explain the suspension order to his loyal listeners.

He also boasted that he has changed the landscape of Philippine FM radio. Mo Twister thinks that he started a trend in discussing controversial and more upbeat topics in radio shows. He said his style was fun and controversial but is being imitated by many other DJs around. He revealed that he spends long hours each night writing jokes and topics that would make his radio show more interesting by the day.

Mo Twister took a hiatus from showbiz after he started a controversy with ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos in 2011. He accused Ramos of aborting their baby not just once but twice in Singapore. Ramos and her family have filed a libel suit against him.

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Mo Twister Gets a 5-Month Suspension From Radio Show

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