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Heart Evangelista Gets Rejected By Mother In Greenbelt

Heart Evangelista did not deny the incident wherein her mother rebuffed her greeting when they accidentally saw each other in Greenbelt, Makati City.

According to the story, Heart and her mother Cecilia saw each other in Greenbelt just before Christmas. Heart apparently waved to her mother while the latter just nodded at her.

Heart took this as a good sign and walked to where her mother was standing. But when she was about to kiss her mother, Cecilia raised her hands and rejected the kiss. Many people saw how deeply embarrassed Heart was during the incident.

The actress confirmed the incident, but did not give any further details. When asked about it, her mother refused to reply anymore.

Heart admitted she was very hurt by what happened that she just opted to buy food and go home. When she was in the car already, she cried and called her boyfriend, Senator Chiz Escudero.

Senator Chiz told her they couldn't do anything about it. He offered to visit her in her house instead, so they can pray about it. The senator was the primary reason why Heart and her parents are now estranged.

Cecilia and Rey Ongpauco both thought the senator is a bad influence to their daughter. They also called him a "drunkard."

Heart said she and her father are already okay, but they haven't talked yet. She already accepted that even the Christmas season cannot change the fact that her parents cannot accept her happiness now.

For the actress, she has already done her part in reaching out to her parents. "Actually kasi, I’ve accepted that this is just the way I guess my world is. Nobody has a perfect life."

She just accepted that this is the kind of life she has now. She is also praying that her parents are happy with their decision not to accept her and the senator.

Heart indicated she already lost hope that her parents will ever accept her again. She already gave her all in terms of reaching out to them, so she knows her limits already.

"But I’ve lost my hope na talaga. Parang kumbaga, the ball is in their court."

She just leaves whatever will happen in the future to God, Heart said, adding that she really misses her father and sisters. Although she sees her sisters sometimes, Heart said there's a condition for them not to see her if she's with other people.

Until now, Heart cannot understand why her parents cannot accept the senator for her. She cannot do anything anymore, she added.

Asked about the senator's reaction, Heart said he's also tired of reaching out to her parents.

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Heart Evangelista Gets Rejected By Mother In Greenbelt

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