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Janine Gutierrez Biography

Janine Gutierrez was born on October 2, 1989, and is a young Filipina actress and a commercial model. She had graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. Janine is the daughter of actor Ramon Christopher Gutierrez and Lotlot de Leon, also a popular actress and a daughter of legendary Nora Aunor. Her grandmother is Pilita Corrales, a world class actress and singer.

Prior to being officially allowed by her parents to join showbiz industry, Janine had already appeared in two drama series with GMA Network entitled “Makapiling Kang Muli” and “Together Forever,” and she admitted that she is enjoying the job. It was actually her Lolas who encouraged her to try her luck in the industry, and they have been doing it since she was still little. But it was only last year, after she finished her degree in European Studies that she was given the go signal. She talks about her grannies with smiles and sparkling eyes. They are not that ordinary citizens anyway, but all are celebrities in their own aspects.

Janine is a shy young actress, very soft spoken and honest when the topic concerns her family. She is the eldest among her siblings namely Jessica, Maxene and Diego and takes the responsibility to check on them especially when it concerns school. Brought up to be a loving, obedient daughter, she still opens up to her parents every time she has problems. If the topic concerns something personal, she confides with her mom, she may be quite serious but she is never scary. She describes her father as “super chill.”

Janine is fond of reading books, all kinds, from classics to modern times. She believes that books are timeless, and loves reading about the past. She sometimes put herself in a certain character in the book and she admits books can give someone knowledge that no one can ever take away.

Growing up in this industry had been a part of their life, and they were trained not to believe in everything that was written in the news especially when it pertains about their family. The children are aware that their parents are separated but they are good friends. She is fond of her Mama Guy because she was not here for quite some time and appreciates the gesture that she’s making up for the time lost.

It was recalled that there was a time that her mom and Mamita (grandma Pilita) had some misunderstandings and it took them a long time before they got to meet and fix whatever the problem was. She and her siblings were very happy that once more the family is complete and that forgiveness prevailed among her mother and grandmother. It was a happy reconciliation and a perfect example that a family is always a family no matter what happens.

Janine is now officially a GMA talent, and she hopes to portray challenging roles in the future. And just like the rest of the family, she will do her best and what is expected of her.

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Janine Gutierrez Biography

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