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Eula Valdez Implies That She Is Disappointed About Jinggoy And Bong

Many celebrities are starting to air their voices regarding the current controversy over the pork barrel scam. This is not surprising because most of them are among the biggest taxpayers in the country. TV and movie stars could not complain about how hefty their taxes are and how they are left with no choice but to always pay in full and on time or else they could suffer the media backlash.

Unfortunately, two of the senators who are accused of benefitting from the pork barrel and conspiring with pork barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles belong to show business. They are Senators Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr and Jinggoy Estrada. Both senators have their roots in show business, their fathers both former icons of the local movie world.

Thus, no one could help is showbiz people feel bad about it. Surprisingly, some of them are not sympathetic to Bong and Jinggoy. Instead, they feel bad that these showbiz fellows are one with the scammers in stealing money from the people’s taxes.

Eula talks

Among the most vocal from show business is actress Eula Valdez. In an interview, she surprised the press when she coursed those involved in the scam. She reiterated that she feels bad that we have elected those officials only to give them power to steal money from the public coffers.

She did not name names but her interviewers thought she was implying her disappointment over the two showbiz bred senators. She also added that she is disappointed that she thought she knew those politicians until she has learned that she does not completely know them. She also said she once thought those people she knew would not do such petty acts in position.

Early conclusions

Some showbiz observers are sad that Eula, along with many other people, have already drew conclusions about the accusations against Bong and Jinggoy. According to the defenders of the two senators, it is still too early to judge them because they are yet to answer accusations in the legal forum.

Both Bong and Jinggoy are known as friends to Janet Napoles. When the scam first broke out, they quickly denied having known her. But later on, they are now more open to admit that she is their family friend. Janet Napoles allegedly gave the senators commission for giving funds to her fake non government organizations (NGOs).

Although many showbiz personalities who are in politics are involved in the pork barrel scam, many other showbiz stars are beginning to condemn that controversy. That is because they think it is just unfair that part of their hard-earned money only went to undeserving people’s pockets.

Bong and Jinggoy are about to defend their selves when they face plunder charges soon. Jinggoy delivered a privilege speech in the Senate last week not to deny the accusations but to ask why it seems that the focus is only at him, Bong and Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. He pointed out that many other senators should also be charged. He did not generate sympathy but added haters since then.

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Eula Valdez Implies that She is Disappointed about Jinggoy and Bong

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