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Blogger Lourd De Veyra Criticizes Vic Sotto Through An Open Letter

“To whom much is given, much is required.” That was a Bible quote that blogger Lourd de Veyra used to highlight his point in a controversial open letter he wrote for Vic Sotto. The open letter was published in a Website where Lourd is a regular contributor.

If you are wondering who Lourd is, he is an author, a musician, a radio jock, and a TV personality whose instant ticket to success is as a weatherman of the news department of TV5. Interestingly, Vic is one of the stars of Kapatid network, where he has a weekly game show, ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’

In his open letter, Lourd made it clear that he was very disappointed over Vic and his latest movie, ‘My Little Bossings,’ which is one of the movie entries to the Metro Manila Film Festival. He was asking Vic: is that all that you can do? The letter was reflective of the sentiments of Lourd after watching the movie, which is now holding the record as the highest grossing Pinoy film of all time.

Wasting P220 for a bad film

Lourd’s argument was that he has the right to air his opinion since this is a democratic country and he paid P220 just to see the film. After going out of the movie house, he could not contain his dismay over what he insinuated as a mere waste of time and money.

He pointed out that with Vic’s current stature in the showbiz industry, Vic has the authority and power to make a difference. Lourd said at least Vic could possibly hire better writers and directors so he could produce and release movies that would be relevant and sensible.

Time to give back

Lourd also reiterated that Vic has already earned too much from producing movies that mostly lack quality. He thinks that it is now time for the TV host-comedian to give back to his audience by giving them a project that would make a difference.

The blogger also pointed out that it is not impossible for any comedian to make a quality movie that also has social relevance. Lourd cited the example of the late comedy king Dolphy, who starred in the 1978 movie ‘Ang Tatay Kong Nanay,’ along with then child wonder Niño Muhlach. That movie was directed by the great Lino Brocka and earned Dolphy accolades, including nominations in major local award-giving bodies like FAMAS and Gawad Urian.

Word from a fan

Despite the sarcastic tone of his open letter, Lourd clarified that he is not a hater of Vic. In fact, he revealed that he is a self-confessed fan of the comedy trio Tito, Vic, and Joey or TVJ. He also disclosed that the three pop icons had a great influence on him during his younger years. In fact, that influence is somehow reflected in his humorous style of writing and TV reporting today.

Many observers could not believe that Lourd will have the guts to publish the open letter. They think that Lourd is aware how influential Vic could be. According to some insiders, Vic may have the power to ask TV5 management to fire Lourd from his current TV shows or he might leave the struggling network for good.

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Blogger Lourd de Veyra Criticizes Vic Sotto through an Open Letter

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