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Jewel Mische Is Now Engaged

Jewel Mische admitted to being engaged to her American boyfriend Alister since last Christmas.

Jewel and Alister have been together for two years. They met in a Christian Church while Alister was vacationing in the Philippines in 2012.

Altough Alister is based in the US, a long-distance relationship was never a problem for the couple. They communicate through devices and Alister would vacation in the Philippines every two to three months to visit Jewel.

Alister works in the research and development team of General Motors in the US.

As for Jewel, she finished first her music course in the Cathedral of Praise Music College before taking a vacation in the US in March. She's here in the Philippines this month to prepare for her wedding in the US this winter.

Jewel is also proud that she and her boyfriend decided not to engage in premarital sex or even kiss before their wedding. Her fiance wants their first kiss to be on their wedding day.

Although their wedding day kiss wouldn't be their first actual kiss, it would be the first for them as a couple. Jewel said she's proud of them that they're able to control themselves. They both believe that sex is sacred.

It was Alister who even suggested for them to wait until they are married. Jewel was surprised with what he said, and made her confirm that he's really her future husband.

They have the same "biblical mind set," Jewel said. Their view of sex is a "priceless treasure box" that is God's present to them.

It seems ridiculous and absurd for some, the actress said, but it's challenging for them and they like challenges. She also said she cannot wait for their wedding day anymore.

Jewel's previous boyfriends were Jason Abalos and Richard Gutierrez. She didn't particulary choose a non-showbiz guy. Actually, before she met Alister, she thought she's going to be an old maid already.

Alister changed her mind, Jewel said. She learned a lot from Alister and the concept of what a Christ-centered love is.

They don't plan to have a baby immediately after getting married because Jewel wants to enjoy being a wife. They will probably travel a lot.

They haven't decided yet if Jewel will migrate to the US or Alister will move here.

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Jewel Mische Is Now Engaged

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