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Gretchen’s US-Based Sister Tells Her ‘Enough Is Enough!’

Another Barretto joins the fray. As the week closes to an end, Gia Barretto-Reyes has expressed her support to her mom, Inday Barretto, who is now in an ugly feud with her sister Gretchen. Gia is the fourth child of the Barrettos, while Gretchen is the fifth, Marjorie is the sixth, and Claudine is the youngest.

Gia has sent a letter addressed to Gretchen amid this open battle within the family. A copy of that letter was forwarded by Inday to showbiz journalist Ricky Lo, who published it verbatim in his entertainment column in The Philippine Star in April 26.

This letter is the latest piece that is expected to further draw public interest on this real-life family drama. It can be recalled that Inday aired her defense of Claudine last Wednesday (April 24) through an open letter published in the same broadsheet. That night, Joaquin Barretto, an older brother of the famous Barretto sisters disseminated an open letter in Gretchen’s defense.

Now, Gia is out to clearly tell her piece about this saga. She is the Boston, Massachusetts-based sister mentioned by Joaquin in his recent letter. Joaquin gave the impression that all his siblings are on their side. But Gia has proven otherwise. Here are the juiciest highlights of that controversial letter from Gia:

1. She respects Gretchen’s decision to distance herself from the family. Gia reiterated that the family has never forced Gretchen to be close to them but they have also made sure she is not alienated whenever she comes to family affairs.

2. Gretchen has been repeatedly hurting the family. Gia attests that Gretchen has embarrassed their parents in public many times. Gia insists that Gretchen has ridiculed their parents in front of friends, strangers, and other family members.

3. Gia says her parents are good providers. She emphasizes that their family was not rich but also not poor. To prove this, they had lived in big and beautiful dwellings, slept in carpeted and air-conditioned rooms, feasted on sumptuous food, attended exclusive schools, enjoyed membership in exclusive country clubs, and roamed around in cars driven by chauffeurs. She added that each of their siblings had grown with yayas.

4. Gretchen was not forced to work when she was 12 years old. Gia recalls that Gretchen even ran to the middle of the road after their dad said ‘no’ to her plans to enter show business. Gia said their dad believed that education is very important.

5. It was Claudine who has helped the family during their rough spots. Gia revealed that Gretchen had been brainwashing Claudine that their parents are abusive ones, but to no avail. Gia thinks Gretchen may have found it unacceptable that somebody else from their siblings has the pure intentions to help the family.

6. Gretchen allegedly told Gia that she intends to just disappear whenever things are going tough for the family. In contrast, Claudine has managed to be always there for the family. Claudine even spoiled her nieces and nephews by giving them gadgets, clothes, concert tickets, and more. She even paid for education of some of them.

7. Joaquin’s comments may have been fueled by the fact that he is now under Gretchen’s employment. Gia is hurt that Gretchen may have forced him to get into the compromising situation.

Lastly, Gia has appealed to Gretchen to put a stop to her act. She asked her sister to just leave the family alone. In her words, she addressed Gretchen: “Just totally disappear from our lives without leaving a trail of vile and misery.” She added that ‘enough is enough.’

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Gretchen’s US-Based Sister Tells Her ‘Enough is Enough!’

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